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    Zoom Meeting or Produced Virtual Event

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    Remember when we would throw up a Zoom meeting and call it a Virtual Event? Wait, you’re still doing that?

    While Zoom meetings have lots of capabilities, if your event checks certain boxes consider taking your virtual event to the next level with professional production.

    Audience: If your audience is internal a Zoom meeting will be just fine. If your audience is external stakeholders where you are hope to make a lasting impression, a produced virtual event will ensure a more impressive presentation.

    Multiple or Simultaneous Speakers: One very limiting factor of Zoom meetings is that the attendees get either the gallery view or speaker view and the host has no control over which they choose. There is the option to spotlight a speaker but that still only limits to one speaker on screen at a time. Adding the capabilities of a production team can allow for several speakers on screen at once if you would like to do a format like a panel discussion or a fireside chat.

    Marketing or Organizational Strategy: If your event ties into a higher marketing or organizational strategy you may want consider adding production value that matches your goals. If your hope is to use the event recording as a marketing content asset after the event a production team will be able to manage the audio and video quality so that it is a high-quality piece.

    Multiple Presentation Speaker Slides or Videos: If your event will require multiple content assets like slides and videos a production team will be able to manage the transitions smoothly and on cue. They will also ensure video and audio quality is high. How great would it be to not have to fumble around and have everyone wait while you look for the  ‘share screen’ button?

    Nuture Leads or Customers: A produced virtual event will give you a stronger probability of nurturing your customers and leads. Look at it as if you were inviting potential customers to an event you would give them an experience that is more similar to a five-course dinner over a sandwich buffet.

    As virtual events continue to evolve we will see higher levels of production. It’s an exciting opportunity for your organization so make sure you aren’t left behind.

    What are your thoughts on leveling up to a professionally produced virtual event? What fears or questions do you have? If you are ready to professionally produce your virtual event today let us know if we can help!

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