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    5 Mistakes When Producing a Virtual Event

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    I’ve been an event producer/project manager for 10+ years and I’ve seen a lot of mistakes from clients. As we’ve transitioned to virtual here is what I’ve noticed so you don’t make the same mistakes.

    1) Not rehearsing or doing dry runs – Make sure everyone involved with the event knows exactly what they’re doing: speakers, staff, etc. Check for internet connection, audio, lighting, transitions and cue.

    2) Not being intentional about engagement – Be clear on what kind of engagement you want from your audience. Some events are a passive experience (similar to a TV broadcast). Others are more effective with facilitated interaction (icebreakers, exercises, breakouts, etc.)

    3) Not following up w/ registrants – Registration does not guarantee your audience will show up esp if the event is free or at a low price. Remind them to attend w/ emails w/ speaker and content teasers. Consider sending a calendar invite w/ instructions to access the event.

    4) Being unclear about your goal or intention – Get clear on the goal or intention for your attendees. Do you want them to learn something practical? Improve their business? Connect with others? Design backwards from your goals

    5) Not having enough staff on board – The same person that is hosting the event and providing content should not also be the same person managing breakout rooms, taking notes or playing music. Staff should have one main focus each during the event.

    What mistakes have you seen at virtual events? Have you experienced one yourself? What happened and what are you doing differently for next time?

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