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    Virtual Event Tech Tips

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    You have to think of a virtual event more like a television broadcast than a Zoom meeting. Getting into that mindset will shift the way you think about virtual event production.

    With that in mind, here are some ways you can spruce up the production value on your virtual events with the help of technology:

    1. Pre-Recorded Video: Just imagine that as attendees are coming into the virtual room they are greeted with a splashy 30 second- 2 minute video before the first speaker comes on. Doesn’t that sound like a more exciting way to start an event than seeing a slide or awkwardly waiting for the first speaker?

    2. Graphics: While it’s great to see just a speaker on screen during a virtual event what if you could jazz it up with graphics that splash their name and company across the screen? Or perhaps an interesting graphic that surrounds their face? Suddenly this doesn’t feel like such a boring Zoom meeting anymore 🙂

    3. Multiple camera angles: You might think that a speaker can only do a static talk for a virtual event. So much more is possible! If you would like a speaker to do something dynamic like a demo of some sort it’s possible to have multiple feeds on them.

    4. Multiple Speakers on Screen: We are all used to seeing a speaker pop up one at a time as they are speaking. You may have not considered Fireside Chats or Panels for that reason but with the help of technology you can absolutely have multiple speakers up on the screen together.

    5. Live Captions: Consider doing live captions that come across the screen as a speaker is speaking. This will make your event accessible and inclusive.

    6. Transcript: Provide a transcript of the event that attendees can reference after the event

    I hope these ideas help you to think bigger and better for your virtual events. What questions do you have? Leave a response and I’ll do my best to respond!

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