5 Mistakes When Producing a Virtual Event

I’ve been an event producer/project manager for 10+ years and I’ve seen a lot of mistakes from clients. As we’ve transitioned to virtual here is what I’ve noticed so you [...]


How a livestream launched this top podcast’s paid membership

The Dateable Podcast is one of the top 10 podcasts on modern dating, sex and relationships. The podcast has been mentioned on CNN, Ask Me and  KQED. During the COVID-19 pandemic the co-hosts [...]


Virtual Event Engagement

Attendee engagement is imperative in the new age of virtual events. There are some events that make sense as a completely passive experience but mose events would greatly benefit from an attendee [...]


Zoom Meeting or Produced Virtual Event

Remember when we would throw up a Zoom meeting and call it a Virtual Event? Wait, you’re still doing that? While Zoom meetings have lots of capabilities, if your event checks certain boxes [...]


Virtual Event Tech Tips

You have to think of a virtual event more like a television broadcast than a Zoom meeting. Getting into that mindset will shift the way you think about virtual event production. ​ With that in [...]



Welcome to Gemlike’s (formerly Lou It Now) new digital home! Here you will find some of the work we’ve done in event production. We are super excited about the new look and hope you [...]