Why Virtual Events?

The opportunity for virtual events is huge right now. Virtual events give you the opportunity to reach an audience and prospects without the typical restrictions of an in-person event (no uncomfortable conference room chairs here!). Technology allows you to scale your reach unlike ever before.

So while the opportunity is huge some people are begrudgingly throwing up a Zoom meeting and calling it a virtual event but…you’re better than that.

You’re ready to think bigger for your virtual events beyond just a Zoom meeting and Gemlike is here to help.  We think of virtual events as a live broadcast similar to a television show and treat it with a level of production that matches that.


Project Management

Platform Management

Livestream Broadcasting


Graphics and Branding

Video Post-Production

Camera Switching

Multiple Speaker Angles



Examples of virtual event formats we can produce

Half-day Conference with

Keynote Speaker(s) and Breakouts

Cooking Show

Game Show

Virtual Summit

Pitch Fest

Talk Show

Film Screening and Q&A

Interview Series

About Us

Gemlike has partnered with Crux Jinx, an award-winning production company, to help you to see the possibilities of what an online event can do for your brand or company.

We start with your goals and design a custom solution for you. We help you see how the event can live beyond that moment in time. We become your partner in every step and help you to dream bigger beyond that stale Zoom meeting.

Our process:

  1. Identify goals
  2. Determine broadcast and platform strategy
  3. Confirm speakers and talent
  4. Finalize digital assets and branding
  5. Finalize showflow
  6. Speaker rehearsal and platform testing
  7. Showtime!

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