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    Wikimania is the annual conference for Wikipedia’s worldwide community of volunteer editors. The conference is hosted in a different city each year that has the presence of a Wikimedia community chapter. The event is five days dedicated to conversations and sharing of Wikipedia projects, keynote talks, meetups, a hackathon and an opening and closing party.

    Attendance: 900 people from 50+ countries

    Location: Montreal, Canada

    Role: Lead Producer in charge of venue logistics, registration and production of keynote talks and sessions.

    The event was co-produced with Erin Lacey, a longtime and trusted colleague.

    She managed the Closing Party which took place in a former railway station. She transformed it into an epic space for dancing, socializing and games.

    It was an honor to be a part of bringing together such an incredible, impactful community. Through the process of producing the event we learned about so many interesting projects that Wikipendia editors are working on and how powerful of a platform it can be. We even opened up our own Wikipedia account! FINALLY all that useless pop culture knowledge can be put to use 🙂


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