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    Hey there! I’m Louise, the lead producer here at Gemlike.

    At Gemlike, we produce live and virtual events all over the world. As the lead producer on our projects, I get true joy out of wrangling the moving pieces that create an impactful event and experience. Nothing makes me happier than seeing communities come together through a live or virtual event. We work with organizations that are doing work to make the world a better place whether through social justice, technology or education. Gemlike has produced events in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Sweden.

    On the personal front, I am passionate about what it means to live a purposeful life. So much so that in 2022 I went back to school at the University of Pennsylvania where I received my masters in applied positive psychology, which is the science and academic study of well-being and human flourishing. In my free time I am an enthusiastic movement culture practitioner and I work on my podcast about play and creativity. I┬ábelieve it is everyone’s purpose to live their life in a way that would make their inner, creative child proud.

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